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Blog#2 Daily Road Blocks List:

One of my continuous challenges is making people aware that I am mentally at the regular comprehensive level as everyone else my age. Meaning I can understand fully what is being said, discussed and I was educated in regular main stream schooling.

It is so difficult to get my message across that I am able to communicate back. It comes down to a simple thing called time and patience. Others have to wait for my indication that I can communicate to them. For example if someone asks “ Marshall Can you understand me?” I will nod my head in agreement to show them I can understand them if I do not have my voice technology output unit available.

My voice output technology allows me to type out my words and create sentences to communicate my message. My device speaks a little bit like Siri. Instead of me speaking into my device and it texting for me, I type my message and it speaks the message out loud for me. People think I have special powers and that the computer reads my mind in a futurist way and types out my messages. It’s funny what people think sometimes. But what happens is my computer is controlled by my mouse like every other computer. My mouse is just a little bit different. I lean my head upon my head rest and to move my mouse on my computer. It’s simple actually I move my head left or right on the mouse to move the mouse on the screen left or right. I move my head up or down to move the mouse on the screen up or down as well. Simple right? To click the highlighted selected section on screen that I want I just lighting double click tapping my head on the mouse button on my head rest.

Now this may sound simple and quick for me to do. However, I have to move my head and click for each and every individual letter. It takes me longer because I type with only one head not with my ten fingers like you.

I also have to change my mode on my power chair because my chair won’t allow me to drive and talk at the same time. Not that I would talk and drive at the same time if I had that ability. It’s not that I can’t hear people as they speak when I’m driving along, it’s just I can’t do both at the same time. If it’s something important I will stop my chair to talk.

All it takes is a little bit of time to get my thoughts out but I can carry out a conversation just like everybody else.

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